Crisis in the hotel industry and gastronomy

In a region such as Los Lagos, which is so focused on tourism, this sector has been experiencing problems since October of last year.

Of all the areas affected by the severe national economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, apparently the sector that is having the worst time is that of Horeca (hotels, restaurants and casinos), which had already been dragging since late last year the consequences of a drastic drop in customers due to the social explosion of October 18, after which a large part of these places had to close their doors early every day by the irrational violence that took over the streets of the country in the afternoons. This crisis, over this other crisis of sanitary origin, has left the hotel, gastronomic and entertainment industry in a delicate financial situation that is forcing many of them to evaluate its continuity.

The Los Lagos Association of Gastronomy and Tourism (Agatur) warned this week about the drama that its members are experiencing, suffocated between the unprecedented lack of customers imposed by the requirements of social isolation, wage obligations to their workers and compliance with financial demands that do not forgive.

The government has already launched two packages for the various sectors affected by this crisis, and probably as the days go by there will be greater clarity about the effectiveness that these measures will have in the hotel, gastronomy and casino sectors which, it is worth emphasizing, constitute a sector that generates a significant amount of jobs in an area that is oriented towards tourism. If this sector does not gain access to aid and financing, the cascade effect on the regional economy will be one of the worst seen in years.

To avoid the disaster announced by the 40 signatories of the Agatur declaration, it is essential that, in addition to state aid, the financial sector provide reasonable access to credit and the postponement of financial commitments, as is already being done with the people. At this critical moment in the history of the world and of the country, flexibility and the revision of dogmas must prevail, which in this scenario, do not make much sense.

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