Strogonov With Mushrooms


1000 g soft beef
350-500 g frozen or fresh mushrooms
3 onions
300 ml of sweet cream, preferably greasy.
4-6 spoons of tomato concentrate
80 g of butter
several hats of dried mushrooms or ceps
salt and black pepper to taste


2 litres of water
300 g corn porridge or coarse corn flour
100 g of butter or 100 ml of oil
50 -100 g of grated parmesan
1 tablespoon salt
black or coloured pepper to taste



  1. Cut the beef into small strips and fry it in a pan with a large amount of butter. When it is cut, I put it into a deep pot.
    In the same pan I fry peeled and sliced onions. After frying, I put them into a pot with meat. I also add frozen mushrooms cut into pieces.
  2. Add about 200 ml of water, cream and tomato concentrate. I season the whole thing with salt and black pepper. I stew about 20-30 minutes. I serve with white rice or polenta.

Polenta – preparation:

  1. Boil water with salt in a pot. I pour the porridge in a stream, quickly stirring with a whisk. I stir to boil. I reduce the gas to a minimum, set it best on a plate and cook for about 50 minutes. I stir, every 3-5 minutes, carefully tearing the porridge from the bottom so that it does not burn. It’s best done by stirring gently, but it’s an extremely tedious job, sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the dish.
  2. After about 40-50 minutes, I turn off the gas, add butter or oil, cheese. I mix. After the ingredients of the polenta have combined, I put the polenta on and sprinkle it with pepper.
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