Join Santiago Restaurant Week and together let's help the Restaurants!

Times are hard and we want to make them as pleasant as possible by doing what we do best - giving them the best gastronomic experiences. Go to our restaurant section, where all the restaurants that are participating in our Santiago Restaurant Week event are published

Buy the menu of your favorite restaurant

For 12,000 CLP you can buy a two-course menu: starter and main course. Menu specially designed for this occasion.

Take advantage of special discounts

We have the best menus at a special price, just for the duration of our event!

Share with your friends

In addition to eating well, you can vote for your favorite restaurant and participate in a raffle. Tell your friends and share it on your social networks. Enjoy helping out! Thank you very much on behalf of each participating restaurant!

Together we can help restaurants in this important moment

The mission of Santiago Restaurant Week is to support Chilean restaurants that are fighting for their survival. The success of this event is an opportunity for many restaurants to survive and avoid bankruptcy. It is organized by My Guide Latin America. It is one of the most popular events in the world and part of Chile Restaurant Week.


  • Now is the time to help!
  • Our Santiago Restaurant Week event is a simple way to help Chilean restaurants in difficult times.
  • By ordering your favourite menu, you will be helping from home.
  • The chefs of the different restaurants have created delicious haute cuisine menus especially for this event, which you will be able to enjoy at home.
Terms and Conditions – Consumer



Understanding the situation in which we find ourselves due to the propagation of COVID-19, our main objective is to protect users, kitchen staff and delivery personnel. We must look after the safety of everyone. This is why we want to remind you of the importance of taking measures in the delivery process:

  • We avoid agglomerations: we always comply with the cooking time. In this way we reduce the time that the delivery men stay in the restaurant.
  • Marking off areas: we define a space for the waiting and delivery of orders, marked so that the homeowners can stay 2 meters away from each other.
  • Safe Packaging: using tapes, seals or adhesives to close bags or packages delivered to the home to ensure that the products ordered are not exposed to the contact of another person before reaching the end user.
  • Clean Surface: your restaurants ensure frequent cleaning of the counter or order-delivery surface.
  • Contactless Delivery: we implement a process for contactless delivery of orders between your staff and the delivery person; enabling a drop-off and pick-up area. Always ensuring that people maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between them.


Let’s work together to protect each other.